The activities

Our activities are based on the principles of openness, equal opportunities and multiculturalism in the world around us. We help to preserve the culture, language and national traditions of Russia and other people by uniting those who love communication and want to follow a healthy and active lifestyle.

We work with children, young people, the elderly and organize Russian-language leisure activities for adults and children. We offer social and counselling-help for clues, which helps them to adapt and integrate in Finland. We promote co-operation and mutual understanding between different city organizations, officials working with immigrants. We offer unemployed immigrants the opportunity to express themselves and apply their knowledge, experience, skills and abilities in practice during internships or temporary work.

Association’s goals

  • Unite immigrants living in Kitee and North Karelia
  • Informing immigrants
  • Preservation of the Russian language, traditions, Russian culture and culture of other peoples
  • Cooperation with several Finnish and Russian-speaking organizations
  • Organize creative and developmental projects